A.J. Muste Memorial Institute: Inviting Applications to support grassroots activist projects in the United States and around the world, giving priority to those with small budgets and little access to more mainstream funding sources.

Donor Name: A.J. Muste Memorial Institute
Fund name: A.J. Muste Memorial Institute Fund

Funding brief: The Social Justice Fund supports grassroots activist projects in the United States and around the world, giving priority to those with small budgets and little access to more mainstream funding sources. Please read our guidelines carefully and review our rosters of past grants on our website before applying to the Muste Institute for funding.

Criteria: The Muste Institute’s Social Justice Fund considers proposals:
● For new projects or campaigns, or efforts to expand existing work
● For ongoing projects or campaigns
● For capacity building, leadership development, and resource sustainability
● For projects with expense budgets under $50,000
● For projects which are local, regional, national or global in scope
● From groups located anywhere in the world
● From grassroots organizations with annual expenses of less than $500,000
● From groups with limited access to more mainstream funding sources
● From groups that may be unincorporated or incorporated
● From groups with or without 501(c)3 status or a fiscal sponsor
● From groups which have not received Social Justice Fund grants from us in at least two years

February 6 (for decisions in late April)
● June 19 (for decisions in mid September)
● October 2 (for decisions in mid December)

Funding details link: http://www.ajmuste.org/guidelin.htm

Funding limit: For projects with expense budgets under $50,000

Project start date: N/A
Project duration: N/A

 Eligible organization: The Social Justice Fund’s priority is to support:
● Direct grassroots activism and organizing
● Groups with diverse, representative and democratic leadership structures
● Groups which have or can obtain sufficient economic and in-kind support from a diversity of sources to carry out their regular work, but need additional support to carry out a project or build capacity

Eligibility: As above
Submission mail: info@ajmuste.org

Other important link:
Application form: http://www.ajmuste.org/preapp.doc

How to apply:
Submit a preliminary application via email to info@ajmuste.org. Download our preliminary application form here to fill out on your computer.
● Format: They accept preliminary applications in files with *.doc, *.docx, *.odt, *.rtf or *.pdf file extensions. The preliminary application must include all required information in ONE document of two pages or less, with NO additional documents or attachments. Please do not include graphics.
● Subject header: Email your application using the subject header: “SJF [deadline month] 2017:” (without brackets or quotes) followed by your organization’s name. This will help us identify your message as a preliminary application, rather than a general inquiry. (Important: applications sent without “SJF” in the subject header may end up not being considered.)
● Timeline: About three weeks after the deadline date, they will let you know whether your preliminary application has been accepted for further consideration. If so, you will then have two weeks to submit a full proposal and additional materials via email. To see what the full proposal must include, click here: http://ajmuste.org/sjf-full.htm. Please do NOT submit a full proposal unless invited to do so. Final decisions on full proposals are expected about 12 weeks after the deadline date.

If you receive a grant, you will have to provide a complete grant report and financial accounting, demonstrating that the grant money was used for the purpose intended. This report is due as soon as the money is spent or within six months, whichever comes first (until funds are spent, you must submit an updated report every six months).


Visit all Funding opportunities: https://fundforbangladesh.wordpress.com/site-map/
Facebook page-
Fund for Bangladesh

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