The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP): Inviting Applications for the funding theme-Support to Civil Society Organizations under the Challenge Fund

Donor Name: The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Fund name: The Challenge Fund
Reference No:

Funding brief: The Human Rights Programme (HRP) is an integral part of rights-based programming effort of the  UNDP supported by a consortium of donors. UNDP has developed and implemented a number of projects in the human rights, justice and security sectors, including, but not limited to, support to  the National Human Rights Commission, Policy Reform, Judicial Strengthening, the Justice Sector Facility, Access to Justice and Activating Village Courts. While these interventions have proved to be successful in improving frameworks and services provided by the human rights and justice institutions space still exists for human rights capacity development. Further, UNDP is looking to  expand its cooperation with civil society organizations operating to advocate for human rights in  Bangladesh. This is also in line with the UNDP New Strategic Plan 2014-2017 to meet citizen expectations for voice, development, the rule of law and accountability by stonger systems of democratic governance. UNDP has developed the Human Rights Programme to complement previous work with the Bangladesh Naitonal Human RIghts Commission.

The Human Rights Programme will build the capcacity of existing human rights architectures in Bangladesh. The programme will support state based institutions, with a special focus on the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), as well as undertake key civil society interventions to improve human rights coalitions across the country. The programme will have a particular focus on working with vulnerable and marginazlized groups, including women and girls, children and  young people, ethnic and religious minorities, people with disabilities, Dalit and sexual minority population. It will build gender equality initiatives, strengthen civil society activities for women and girls and build the position of the NHRC as an important partner for the gender equality within Bangladesh. The programme will seek to expand on rights based advocacy, in particular looking at developing the NHRC’s role in engaging with Goverment on human rights.

Goal: The purpose of the RFA is to solicit applications and establish partnerships with CSOs, CSO coalitions and specialized institutions to enhance capacity engagement of CSOs/CBOs in Human Rights awareness, rights-issue based advocacy and rights claiming actions in specific areas of Bangladesh. The RFA is open to all Bangladeshi CSOs/CBOs, CSO coalitions, academic department/specialized institutions for potential partnership with UNDP in delivering planned activities and outputs of the Human Rights Programme.

Thematic Areas:
Human Rights in general
● Ethnic minority rights
● Women Rights
● Child Rights
● Rights of the persons with disabilities
● Rights of excluded groups

 Outcome: The Human Rights Programme has five outcomes:
● Strengthened capacity of the National Human Rights Commission to deliver on its mandate.
● Enhanced capacity of civil society and community based organizations to engage in human rights advocacy and awareness raising.
● Enhanced capacity of law enforcement agencies, in particular police, on human rights issues.
● Strengthened capacity of national stakeholders to better protect and promote women’s rights.
● Strengthened capacity of national stakeholders to better protect and promote the rights of ethnic minorities.

Expected Outputs:The Request for Applcation (RFA) is expected that as immediate outputs, the selected CSO/BCBOs, CSO coalitions and
● academic department or specialized institutions will”
● Have greater opportunity to enhance their networks and coalitions with CSOs/CBOs in sector;
● Opportunities to engage with state justice and human rights institutions including BNHRC;
● Benefit from UNDP training programmes on HRBA, gender, RBM and financial management;
● Opportunities to take part in advocacy and rights discussions forums at local and national levels;
● Establish stronger coordination with human rights stakeholders in Bangladesh

Target geopgraphic locations: Sirajganj, Gaibandha, Cox’s Bazar, Satkhira, Habiganj

Deadline: 06-Apr-17

Funding details link:

Budget limit:
Below $ 10,000 and above $ 10,000

The size of small grants and approval authority:
● LOT 1: Below $10,000
● LOT 2: Above $10,000
● LOT 3: for specialized CSOs (including academic department and, or specialized institutions)
● Grant Size: $30, 000 for national/local level campaigns on women/girls/youth rights with schools/college/university and communities.
● Grant Size: $19, 000 for community-based awareness, cultural events, interactive events, theatres jointly with CSOs, educational institutions & youths.
● Grant Size: $12500 (for specialized institutions) for developing multi-ethnic/multi-religious forums at regional/district levels and organizing peace building events to promote minority rights at local level.

Project start date: Not Found

Project duration: 1 Year

Eligible organization: As below

Hold a valid registration
● Working experience in the area of human rights in plain lands, particular experience related minorities, gender, children, persons with disabilities and excluded communitites, desirable
● Evidence indicating transparent and accountable financial management systems
● Existence of organizational policy/practice adopting a human rights based approach/innovative initiatives/ strong outreach in the areas of programming
● Proven track record in the human rights sector
● Other value-added criteria as and when required

Submission mail:

Other important link:
HRP RFA Document:

How to apply: The interested CSO/CBOs, CSO coalitions and academic department or specialized institutions are requested to submit their proposal under the specific LOT (with signed letter of submission and attachment of all supporting documents) in line with proposal format (Annex-1). The potential CSO/CBOs, CSO coalitions and academic department or specialized institutions should have to submit both:
● a hard copy of proposal (including all supporting documents);
● soft copy of proposal (including scaned version of all supporting documents with a CD) to
● The letter of submission should clearly indicate as the subject: “Micro- Capital Grant Application” to: Human Rights Programme, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Human Rights Programme (HRP), UNDP Bangladesh, BTMC Bhaban, National Human Rights Commission (8th Floor), 7-8 Karwanbazar, Dhaka-1215
● The applcation must be legibly type in English in 12 point, Times New Roman Font, Please send only the completed application form and all supporting documents as attachments (as evidence of application).


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