The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Inviting Applications to Wearables and Technology for Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health Behavior Change.

Donor Name: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Funding round: Round 19
Fund name: Wearables and Technology for Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health Behavior Change (Round 19) Fund

Funding brief: Grand Challenges Explorations (GCE) supports hundreds of early-stage projects – including many ideas that have never before been tested – and innovators from a wide range of disciplines and regions. The GCE initiative funds innovative ideas that could lead to new vaccines, diagnostics, drugs, and other technologies targeting diseases that claim millions of lives every year, as well as improvements.

Program Interventions:
    ● Kangaroo mother care (KMC)
    ● Clean cord care
    ● Neonatal resuscitation
    ● Diagnosis and treatment of infection
● Mothers:
Prophylactic uterotonics
Antenatal care
Prevention and treatment of hypertensive disorders for mothers.

The foundation seeks wearable and/or sensor technologies that will improve the health of mothers and newborns by 1) increasing uptake of healthy behaviors and/or 2) facilitating research on maternal and neonatal interventions in low-resource settings.

These new wearables and sensors should:
Have a clear theory of change for catalyzing healthy maternal/newborn behaviors
Facilitate data collection for maternal-newborn health research with consideration of data privacy mechanisms
Be feasible within limited infrastructure environments (e.g. electricity, internet access, etc.)
Consider projections and trends in technology in low-income settings (e.g. level of mobile phone technology)
Consider the societal norms of target communities in low income countries
Consider the comfort and safety of the proposed user
Consider the sustainability and maintenance of the technology
Be easy to use
Incorporate a human-centered design approach. For more on human-centered design, please refer to this resource and this website.

Proposals criteria:
Are rooted in authentic understanding of and experience in local contexts
Bridge the gaps between user need and demand with technology
Are forward-thinking, leveraging upcoming and future technological trends

Consideration factors:
Tracker of temperature and position that can stimulate KMC practice
Sensor for newborn that measures heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, apnea or more
Sensor on the infant that can alert the mother to infant sleep/wake state, hunger and activity
Wearable on an expectant mother that could measure and transmit data on blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, activity, sleep state and fetal heart rate
Patch that can measure metabolites in an infant transcutaneously including glucose, bilirubin, Na and Hb.
Wearable that will reinforce positive behavior in the mother in breastfeeding, language interaction, soothing behaviors
Sensor to facilitate hand washing or other infection prevention measures

Deadline: Wednesday, May 3, 2017 11:30 a.m. U.S. Pacific Daylight Time

Funding details link:

Budget limit: Awards of $100,000 USD are made in Phase I. Phase I awardees have one opportunity to apply for a follow-on Phase II award of up to $1,000,000 USD.

Project start date: Not Found

Project duration: Phase- I projects have a term of 18 months beginning on the project start date. Phase II funding is up to two (2) years.

Eligible organization: GCE is open to both foreign and domestic organizations, including non-profit organizations, for-profit companies, international organizations, government agencies, and academic institutions.

Eligibility: As above
Submission mail: Not Found

Other important link:
GCE Rules and Guidelines Round 19:
Sustainable Development Goals:
Application Form:
Terms of Use, Privacy Notice and Information Security:
Tips for Applicants:

How to apply: An applicant must submit under only one topic each round and may submit only one proposal. Submit your best idea. You may submit multiple ideas in partnership with collaborators, but an individual Principal Investigator may lead the submission of only one proposal each round. View the detailed topic descriptions and determine which topic best suits your idea. You must select a topic prior to submitting a proposal. You may change your topic and edit your proposal any time before the application deadline.

If you are an existing user, you can log in to your existing account ( users must create an account and submit proposals through online portal (
The foundation encourages you to use the provided application form, which can be downloaded at: Explorations Application Form ( You are required to submit either a Microsoft Word® or PDF document; no more than two pages in length. Please do not include a cover sheet with your proposal. A cover sheet will be automatically generated from your registration data.


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