The Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC): Inviting Applications to support members and partner organizations in their dedicated efforts to advance sustainable forest management and forest certification around the world

Donor Name: The Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)
Fund name: The 2017 PEFC Collaboration Fund competition

Funding brief: The PEFC Collaboration Fund seeks to support members and partner organizations in their dedicated efforts to advance sustainable forest management and forest certification around the world. Through the competitive small grants program, PEFC International wishes to extend its support to encourage locally relevant advancements in the sustainable management of forests. Proposals will be considered for new and independent projects which embody and stand to deliver on the Fund’s objectives through the eligible means.

Collaboration and Objective:
 To stimulate new innovative approaches which contribute to PEFC strategic priorities;
● To act as a catalyst for locally relevant projects which embody PEFC’s vision of “a world in
● which people manage forests sustainably”;
● To encourage the establishment of new partnerships amongst organizations and/or strengthen existing partnerships;
● To provide co‐funding that leverages additional financial sources.

Eligible Activities:
• New approaches or activities to raise awareness, communicate and promote certification or certified products;
• Capacity building that enables the expansion of forest certification;
• Research relevant to PEFC’s International Standards or the implementation of National standards;
• Research and exploration to further integrate new products, services and/or approaches into PEFC certification schemes.

Deadline: 31 March 2017 by 17:00 CET

Funding details link:

Budget limit: 40,000 CHF; Grantees must provide evidence of at least 35% additional co‐funding from other sources within the overall project budget. In‐kind contributions may exceptionally be accepted as co‐funding.

Project start date: Not Found

Project duration: Up to 2 years

Eligible organization: PEFC members, both National members and International Stakeholder members, and members of PEFC National members, but also any non‐profit organizations are eligible to apply. If the lead grantee is not included in one of the three above mentioned “PEFC family member” categories, it is desirable that one of the project partners is. Project partners may also include private and public sector organizations.

Eligibility: As above

Submission mail: Proposals should be submitted by e‐mail to or by Fax at +41 22 799 4550

Other important link:
● PEFC strategic priorities:
● Information on current PEFC National members and International Stakeholder members, and how to become part of the PEFC family, visit our website:‐pefc/membership
● Call for Proposals:
● Application form:

How to apply: Eligible proposals will follow the PEFC Collaboration Fund application form provided2 . Proposals will consist of two parts. Part 1 should contain only the primary information of the proposed project including the title, lead grantee and partner organization(s) information, a budget summary and signature. Part 1 should not exceed 4 pages. Part 2 should contain more thorough information about the project’s relevance, implementation and proposed deliverables. Proponents are urged to keep the proposal concise, offering clear insight into the project idea in a limited number of sentences. Part 2 should not exceed 6 pages. Proposal will be received in A4 format and written in Arial, font size 11, single space. Though it is not encouraged, additional reference information may be submitted in an annex where necessary. Signed letters from the co‐funders to confirm their funding contribution to the project are required in addition to the application form

All proposals must be signed by the proponent and submitted to the email address specified below. Signature page can be faxed if necessary. It’s preferable that proposals are submitted in English, but where necessary can be submitted in Spanish or French. Proponents will receive written notice confirming receipt and registration of the proposal via email shortly after the submission deadline.


Visit all Funding opportunities:

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