Humanitarian Innovation Fund-Elrha: Inviting Applications to find for a Research and Evaluation Partner to create good practice guidance for designing user-centred emergency sanitation provision using rapid community engagement approaches.

Donor Name: Elrha
Fund name: Humanitarian Innovation Fund

Funding brief: Humanitarian Innovation Fund-elrha is looking for a Research and Evaluation Partner to create good practice guidance for designing user-centred emergency sanitation provision using rapid community engagement approaches. The guidance should include information on how to design, implement and measure the impact of the approach and engagement with the affected communities. It should have direct applicability for the decisions humanitarian agencies need to make when designing sanitation in the early stages of an emergency.

The Research and Evaluation Partner (R&E Partner) is expected to carry out the following tasks:
• Create a Review of current community engagement practice and approaches (including relevant related/similar notions and concepts) and their appropriateness for and impact on making sanitation decisions in rapid-onset emergencies.
• Informed by the Review, develop a framework for monitoring and evaluating the success of community engagement approaches in emergencies.
• Share Review findings and initial monitoring and evaluation framework with up to 10 shortlisted Community Engagement Projects at a 2-day Innovation Workshop in July 2017. The framework will be discussed and adapted in collaboration with the teams.
• Coordinate and support the data collection for up to 5 community engagement projects around sanitation in rapid-onset emergencies.
• Analyze data collected and translate the findings into good practice guidance on how to design, implement, and evaluate rapid community engagement projects to inform sanitation provision in humanitarian emergencies.
• Work together with a Dissemination Partner to identify the most relevant format for the guidance so that it brings the most value to its intended users and supports sanitation decision-making in emergencies.
• Support the Dissemination Partner to share the good practice guidance with the broader humanitarian community and other relevant actors involved in making sanitation decisions in emergencies.
• Write up the Review and project findings in academic paper format with the aim of publishing the study as a peer-reviewed article and presenting it at relevant forums.

Deadline: 10th, March, 2017 (23:59 GMT)

Funding details link:

Budget limit: £200,000

Project start date: Oct, 2017

Project duration: Up to 10 months

Eligible organization: The Call is open for individuals, groups or organizations, as well as partnerships that contain the required mix of skills. Applicants are expected to have:
●  Broad experience and knowledge of community engagement approaches (and related concepts) in humanitarian settings;
● Understanding of sanitation in emergencies;
● Extensive monitoring and evaluation experience and expertise;
● Familiarity with the dynamics and intricacies of humanitarian settings and the ethics of carrying out research in these contexts;
● Excellent research skills including (but not limited to) desk research and qualitative data collection, specifically interviews;
● A strong understanding of how to translate research findings and insights into engaging and practical outputs;
● Access to a varied network of expertise in both the humanitarian sector and in the community engagement sector;
●  Excellent coordination and collaboration capabilities and experience of working with multi-stakeholder groups.

Other important link:
● R&E Partner Handbook:
● Login and apply here:
● Register and apply here:
● Handbook:

How to apply: Apply by 10 March 2017 via Online Grant Management System. If you’ve applied for a grant with the HIF before, login and apply. If you are new to the HIF, register and apply.
In filling out this application online, you will be expected to provide the following:
• Details of your experience and understanding of community engagement approaches, humanitarian settings and sanitation;
• A proposal for the methodology and content of the Landscape Review;
• A proposal for the methodology for monitoring and evaluating community engagement projects in rapid-onset emergencies;
• Details of the types of data that you would want to be collected by each community engagement project;
• Suggested formats for disseminating findings from the monitoring and evaluation process;
• Details of your team’s expertise and experience;
• A budget and work plan.


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