German Embassy–Germany’s human rights policy: Inviting Applications to strengthen civil society, particularly support for human rights defenders, human rights institutions and media, the protection and promotion of women’s rights, the protection and promotion of children’s rights, projects calling for a moratorium on or the abolition of the death penalty, as well as economic, social and cultural rights.

Donor Name: German Embassy Dhaka, The Federal Foreign Office , German GOVT
Fund name: Germany’s human rights policy

Funding brief: Germany is committed to protecting and promoting human rights across the world. To this end, the Federal Foreign Office makes available funding to support human rights projects. This money has to be used and accounted for in accordance with German budget law. Such funding may only be used for specific projects with a limited and clearly defined duration and content.

Funding priorities:
1. Strengthening civil society, in particular supporting human rights defenders, human rights institutions and media
2. Protecting and promoting the rights of women
3. Protecting and promoting children’s rights
4. Projects campaigning for a moratorium on the death penalty or its abolition
5. Economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR)

Other important areas:
1. Combating torture and abuse
2. Combating human trafficking and migration
3. Combating racism and discrimination
4. Combating impunity
5. Improving prison conditions
6. Supporting truth and reconciliation processes

Deadline: Not found

Funding details link:

Budget limit: €20,000 and € 100,000 (Euros)

Project start date: Not found

Project duration: Irrespective of when they launch, projects must be completed at the latest by 31 December of each calendar year.

Eligible organization: Not found
Submission mail: Not found

How to apply: Germany’s missions abroad can provide a project application form. This form must be completed carefully and in full and submitted promptly by the date set by the mission. Applicants should reckon on the procedure taking several months. The application must be accompanied by a financing plan including detailed lists.


Visit all Funding opportunities:

Facebook page-Fund for Bangladesh

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